Info Seragam Kerja Kantoran

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Info Seragam Kerja Kantoran

Seragam Kerja Kantor Murah di Surewi - a well-run business independently (self-employment), cv or enterprise-class professionals. Although at first glance very simple, with just a plain color combinations, stripes and some embroidery, but the impact will be felt very big, especially for owners of a business, there can be order and circulation will increase. If it's an organization, it would have branded compact and soliditasnya guaranteed.

In addition to working to cover the body but also as a powerful media campaign, how could you not? Modern society is now fed up with the chaotic environment, on the road right and left plenty mounted banners, billboards great discomfort in seeing. In fact, this could be a trivial solution to capture the interest of the public through a uniform medium.

Measuring the importance of a complementary component of this, then I will share some tips in choosing a wardrobe:
The experience becomes a major consideration in determining the fate of our uniforms
Quality of the products
Required in addition to good performance should also be the responsibility of the contract
Completeness of tools to support and maximum working time
Consideration of customer satisfaction is the key factor, it is also a media campaign Choose the cheapest with the best quality

Surewi serve the order is working uniforms for office work uniforms, work uniforms hotel, restaurant work uniforms, employee uniforms, work uniforms bank, factory work uniform, work uniforms promotional, workwear uniforms mines and other work. With capital and years of experience have served many customers demand both domestically and abroad (exports) is certainly not wrong if wardrobe is headquartered in Jakarta, I recommend to you.

If interested, please call the contact below:
BB PIN: 228204D4
1 Telephone: 021-83662219
Telephone 2: 021-94484494
SMS Service: 0813-16500561
Fax: 021-7333240
Email: surewiwardrobe at

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